Bedroom complete… well almost

So, this weekend we finally got to move into our bedroom after 2 years and 2 months of sleeping in the future office that was only enough room for our bed and nightstand!  Now we have a 15×14 space to finally call home at night!  For the first time in our married lives, we wont have to crawl over one another to get into bed at night!  It feels so exhilarating!  A little over a year ago we had contractor friends, Nelson & Gail come help us raise the ceiling… literally.

And this weekend we were able to officially move in.  Everything in this room was done by us except installing the carpet.  Ryan even learned the beginnings of electrical work through this project so we shouldnt even have to hire an electrician anymore!  The room is by no means 100% complete, I still need to do some small touch ups around the window trim and need to finish patching the drywall around the ceiling fan mount (The mount was much smaller than we were anticipating).

Something some of you may or may not know is that part of the bedroom remodel we have also been building our own furniture to go in the bedroom.  The first item was the bed.  Because we decided to not put closets in our bedroom, we needed storage… so, my amazing husband built us a storage bed!  Thanks to Ana at Knock-off Wood and her simple plans that anyone can do, we took the plunge, and so far it looks amazing at a fraction of the cost!  Ryan did modify the plans for the queen size storage bed (he was afraid the 3/4 inch hardwood plywood wouldnt move well).  So he built it all from 2x4s, covered in 1/4 inch plywood on the top and sides.  While the bed itself is complete, we still need to work at building the drawers.  I also absolutely fell in love with Ana’s Farmhouse bed, so of course I had Ryan build the headboard for our new bed (the footboard is yet to come).  Though note to self, always measure the item you are building with where youre going to move it.  We almost didnt make it up the stairs…

Inspired by Ana, I also decided to tackle a project of my own, 2 matching nightstands.  I used Ana’s plans for Thinner, Taller, Cheaper Bookcases and made some modifications to add a drawer.  For the backs we bought some thin pine beadboard that is still waiting for stain.  I did learn the hard way that you should always test the stain on the wood you’ll be using before doing the whole thing.  Ryan loved the look of Cabot’s Gunstock stain at the store, me not so much, but I just went with it.  Big Mistake!  It was much, much redder than we realized it was going to be.  Disheartened, but not to give up, instead of starting over and ditching the current nightstands, I put a coat of Dark Walnut over top the Gunstock.  It really darkened the color and took away some of the red.  Now the color has really grown on me.  But for the rest of the furniture we decided to go a little lighter with a Pecan stain and it looks much better!  I also have come to the conclusion to always use Pre-Stain Conditioner on pine, it really gives the wood a more even appearance once stained.

While we’re moved into the bedroom, there is still much to do; drawers to build, curtains to sew and I really want Ryan to build us a his and hers Farmhouse Chifforobe like Pottery Barns’, but that will have to wait.  We also are waiting on our new queen sized bed (a belated wedding gift.)  Next weekend we hope to have all the furniture moved in and move all the furniture out of the dining room to begin our next project!

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2 Responses to Bedroom complete… well almost

  1. Kelly says:

    I LOVE your night table!! Would you mind to tell me how you added the drawer?? Dimensions . . . etc. slides?? Very nice work and the finish is beautiful!!

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